Unique experiences await guests in the remote and undeveloped wilds of the Osa Península and the Pacific Ocean. Hiking, horseback treks, boat excursions and ocean jaunts provide rare views of one of the most biologically diverse areas of the world.

Monkeys, sloths, coatis, toucans, scarlet macaws, blue morpho butterflies, heliconia flowers and towering trees are seen among the flora and fauna of the various habitats of the Peninsula.

Marine life is also plentiful, including Olive Ridley sea turtles, manta rays and crocodiles, which can be seen from the Lodge. During excursions, dolphins, flying fish, whales, manta rays and sea turtles can often be observed.

We also offer an excursion to the Sirena station of Corcovado which is easily the best location on the Osa Península for viewing wildlife, including tapir.

This excursion can be done as an option to the San Pedrillo station excursion in the Nature / Snorkeling packages or as a separate day excursion.

Sirena provides a great option for wildlife enthusiasts who can be disappointed by the lack of wildlife in the San Pedrillo area.


Guests can now do full day excursions which focus on marine life offshore from the Osa Peninsula including:

  • Whales;  humpback, pilot, sei, brydes, killer and false killer whales. Humpbacks (mother and calf) are particularly noticeable during the migration periods of July- November and December- March.
  • Dolpins;  spotted, bottlenose, spinner and roughtooth dolphins generally are seen during the entire year.

Also seen are sea turtles(Olive Ridley), manta rays, flying fish and feeding birds and fish which literally bring the ocean alive with activity.

Lunch is San Josecito Beach which also provides an opportunity for snorkeling and viewing scarlet macaws and other birds and animals.

In the four  day/ three night package, lunch on the second full day is spent in the Corcovado area which also allows snorkeling as well as nature hikes (especially for scarlet macaws).


All-day excursions with lunch, snorkeling equipment and guide include:

  • Corcovado National Park *
  • Caño Island Biological Reserve * / Guarumal Bay (* and **)
  • San Josecito and Río Claro *
  • Sirena & Biological station at Corcovado Park
  • Corcovado Park Camping Extension which includes meals & lodging (the night before and after stay at Park) and transport to / from Corcovado Park
  • Horseback trek to San Josecito *

The all-day excursions are by boat from Lodge and include the ocean excursion, hiking and snorkeling.
Boat trips are normally 1 hour or less to any of the above destinations.

* Includes snorkeling

** Guarumal Bay includes the north of Violin Island several other islands and mangroves with natural estuaries and provides the following

  • A boat trip through mangove estuaries to bay activities:
  • Unique mangrove / rainforest hiking.
  • Swimming on isolated white sand beaches on tiny islands.
  • Viewing of frigatebird and brown booby rookeries.
  • Examination of sea shell beds.
  • Snorkeling in tidal pools.


All of the endemic birds of the Osa Peninsula can be seen on trails and mangrove estuaries within five kilomenters of Lodge.

Birders can have opportunities to see spectacled owls, black-cheeked ant-tanagers, trogons (including Baird's), yellow-billed cotingas, king vultures, mangrove hummingbirds and golden-naped woodpeckers among many other species.

Reference Birding Lists in about Osa Península section of this website.


               Half-day excursions include:

  • Horseback trek at Violin Island.
  • Half-day guided mangrove kayaking.

Diving and snorkeling among the spectacular reefs of Caño Island and selected other sites offers memorable vistas of marine life.

Divers traverse through "clouds of marine life" and see a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes. Tropical and pelegic fish species are numerous and often schools of tuna, Mexican barracuda and others are seen. Sharks, with rare exception, are white-tipped reef, nurse, small bull or whale sharks.

Manta rays, sea turtle, eels and several types of coral may also be seen.

Dives sites range from eight meter reefs to 35 meter pinnacles  with visibility, especially during the dry season of more than 20 meters.

Dive trips include all equipment and clothing, transport, lunch, drinks, park fees and are under the supervision of a certified dive master or instructor. Typically, a dive is done in the morning, lunch is at Caño Island or the coast and another dive is done the afternoon. All divers must be certified.

Rio Sierpe Lodge provides unmatched Costa Rican angling experiences:

  • Superb Pacific fishing for billfish, dorado (mahi-mahi), wahoo, snapper, tuna, mackerel, barracuda, jacks and others. Many of the catches in this area have been listed in the IGFA record books.
  • Tidal basin fishing in the more than 1000 kilometers of rivers, estuaries, tributaries and coasts. Several varieties of snapper, grouper, corvina, rooster fish, snook and others abound.

Anglers are provided appropriate equipment, tackle, boats, captains and guides.

Fly fishing, spin casting trolling and bait fishing are supported; however, fly fishing anglers need to bring their own equipment.



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